Extra hosting prices
Additional public IP address

3 EUR/month

Additional network adapter on a dedicated server connected to 1 Gbps switch port

5 EUR/month

Additional private network class C (256 IP addresses) + 1 VLAN available locally only in Veliko Tarnovo or Sofia

5 EUR/month

Optical transmission Layer 2 for 1 customer VLAN between Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia

25 EUR/month

Building and administering individual solutions

40 EUR/hour

General terms

Each customer gets 1 free public IP address for each instance (VPS, VDS or dedicated server).

For each dedicated server, the customer receives a free connection to 1 Gbps switch port.

When creating the first instance (VPS, VDS or dedicated server) in the corresponding location (Veliko Tarnovo or Sofia), the client also receives one free private class C network (256 IP addresses) + 1 VLAN with local scope.

All VPS, VDS and dedicated servers of one customer can join one or more VLANs of the same customer.

Prices do not include VAT.

For more details:
e-mail: support@radibase.com
skype: radibase
phone: +359 878 150 111