We offer a complete integrated management system for hotels and other tourist sites with the following main features:

"Accommodations" registry

Operates with the personal data of the accommodated guests. Ability to search and reference. Printing of address cards. The address cards for foreigners prepared and printed by the system contain all the necessary details for their daily reporting to the Ministry of Interior. The system prepares and prints a report on accommodations when accounting for tourist fees in the municipality.

"Bookings" registry

It operates with the data for the bookings made. Ability to search and reference.

Sales and Billing

Issuance and printing of invoices, cash orders, official and fiscal receipts. Fiscal device connection interface.

Deliveries and warehouse

Receipt of deliveries and monitoring of stock availability by sites. Minibar management.

Integration with restaurant module

Transfer of bills from the restaurant module to the customer's account in the hotel system.

Accounting and finance

It allows the accounting reporting of the object to be carried out entirely with the capabilities of the module.

Salaries and staff

Management of personnel appointment documents, preparation of payrolls and slips. Generates the necessary files to be sent to the National Revenue Agency and the National Insurance Agency.

Integration with online booking systems

Built-in integration with the booking system, developed and maintained by Radibase Ltd. Optionally, at the customer's request, integrations can be added to other booking systems which provide an interface to hotel systems.

Integration with a telephone exchange

The system has an interface to connect with telephone exchanges to charge the calls from the rooms and include them in the customers' bills.

Internal credit cards

Use of internal credit cards when using services within the complex. Cards can be barcode, chip or magnetic.

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