IT infrastructure
We offer consulting, design and building of flexible IT local and global infrastructure.

We can design and build a complete information solution for your project.

Local cluster

It is a group of virtual instances or dedicated servers connected in a private network and located in one location.
A cluster can contain web servers, databases, cache servers, and other specialized instances..
For more serious projects, database replication and traffic balancing can be offered.

Regional cluster

It is similar to the local cluster, but the instances are distributed between two data centers connected by a direct high-speed optical link with Layer 2 VLAN capability.
Reliable replication of databases can be applied between the data centers and full redundancy can be ensured in the event of an issue in one of the locations.
This is achieved with independent Internet connectivity of the two data centers to several providers and a secure optical connection between them.

Hybrid cluster

It represents a group of instances in a local or regional cluster, connected and integrated into the network of global cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Hetzner etc.
In this way, the cluster can be extended on a global scale to the regions and points of presence of the selected providers.
The service is suitable for projects that have clients on a global scale, and thus by replicating data between regions, fast local access is ensured from any destination.

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