Hosting instances
VPS (Virtual Private Server)

With the VPS service, you get a virtual instance with its own operating system, using part of the resources (CPU, RAM, disk space) of a specific physical server.
Characteristic of this type of service is the shared use of CPU cores by many users, in most cases the number of CPU cores sold is greater than the number of actual ones, and at certain times if all customers use up the capacity given to them, it is possible there may be delays in processing. The extent of delays depends on both customer activity and the vendor's policy of overselling processor cores. With a moderate policy on the part of the provider, combined with appropriate load monitoring and a balanced distribution of virtual instances on physical servers, it is possible to achieve a fair load with minimal delays at a cost acceptable to customers.
The service is suitable for any information solutions of general purpose, where the lower price justifies the possible occurrence of processing delays (it is a matter of milliseconds) that are not critical to the operation of the hosted system.

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)

This type of service, like VPS, also uses part of the resources of a physical server, but with the difference that the requested processing cores are reserved only for the certain client and are available at any time when the system needs their full capacity. This causes the higher price of the service, but guarantees the stable operation in real time without delays.
The service is suitable for hosting applications for which low latency and real time reliability is primary priority.

Dedicated server

In this case, the client gets the resources of the entire physical server and full control over it. Process virtualization is not required, that's why the system runs faster.
The service is suitable for hosting larger projects that require more computing power and need full control of resources in real time.

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