Web portals
We offer platforms for building web portals for publishing and classifying information about various types of objects, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, cars, properties, etc.

The platforms offer the possibility of automating any processes of processing requests, sales, deliveries, payments, issuing invoices and preparing reports related to the management of the corresponding objects.

The portals are suitable for travel operators and agents who publish profiles of the hotels they operate or for estate agencies to publish and advertise the corresponding properties, for car dealerships to publish information about the cars they sell, as well as for any other activities, where information is collected, processed and published in a synthesized form and some catalogs with specialized information are built.

We have ready-made basic solutions for building portals for certain types of objects, such as hotels and restaurants, but the system can also be adapted for other types of objects, according to the specifics of a particular client project or activity.

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